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Brittany Erica Istenes

Program Manager
Brittany started off her career as an elementary/special education school teacher in a lower income area of Philadelphia. Seeing the need for a stronger technology presence in education, she transitioned from the classroom for a company that specialized in getting students from lower income areas all across the country to read at or above grade level through teaching teachers all across the country how to use online tools that track and assist getting students to meet their goals.

Now at Comcast, one of her main focuses is the delivery of OSS through the company and beyond as well as a a sharp focus on Community. She guides the Open Source Advisory Council which is comprised of compliance lawyers, patent/strategic IP lawyers, engineers and security to evaluate all Open Source contributions and new projects that come through the company.

Some other projects she works on is the Open Source Ambassador program which takes technologists from all over the company and guides them through the OSS process to become evangels for what we do within and outside of the company. Another is the Open Source Fellowship program which focuses on getting developers to dedicate 25% of their year on Open Source Software tooling.

*Personal Note* I am relatively new to speaking. I have only spoken so far at our internal Open Source Day Conference and an internal organization conference. This is something that I would like to do more of since I am really just starting my career in this exciting field.